A few interesting bridge sites will be listed on this page.  Many of them have links to other, equally informative sites.  Rather than attempting to replicate a long list of alternate resources, we are only trying to provide portals to the world of bridge.


Blue Chip Mini-bridge is a free software program that allows a person to bid and play against a computer.  It is ideal for individual practice.  If you want to sharpen up your game at home, you might want to download this software.

Eddie Kantor's bridge site: Kantor. Be sure to look at the Humor page.

Then there is the Great Bridge Links site.

In addition to Great Bridge Links, you should also try Bridgehands.com

Would you like bridge tips from some of the greatest bridge players of all time?  Then go to this page.

Here is a great site for generating hands for partnership bidding practice. Hand Generator


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